From the Critics:


"Fingers and Toes is just a terrific musical."  Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post/Record.

"An utter delight ... terrific choreography ... Logan Medland's score evokes the sounds of yesteryear and also seems utterly fresh and new ... new musicals this entertaining don't come along every day." Zander Opper,

"More than a five-cent cigar or affordable health care, what America really needs is a good three-character musical with lots of tap dance. That is precisely what the Plaza Theatre is currently serving up." Hap Epstein", Palm Beach Post. 

"Fingers and Toes is an excellently turned out, old-style "Let'Put on a Show" story. Almost everything about it is well-executed and playful. It truly does have the spirit of an old MGM-style musical." 

"What's so attractive about this musical is it's backstage quality ... we watch a lyric and eventually a musical materialize. And the dancing, seen up close, particularly thrills. This is a fun, fizzy musical ...  brought to life by a sparkling cast and superb direction."  Douglas LLoyd, Ithica Times. 

"Medland has a definite gift ... he and his cast will surely be going further." Michael Glitz, Huffington Post.

"Fingers and Toes is a real treat. I must admit I enjoyed it more than several Broadway shows I saw in the last year." Zander Opper,